Arabian Hospitality
Investment Conference

Part of FHS

25-27 September | Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island

Speaker profile

Stuart Etherington

Vice President Hospitality Asset Management
Dubai Holding

“Stuart Etherington is a seasoned hotelier, hotel developer, and certified HAMA Asset Manager who values dedication, service and excellence. As a seasoned hotel veteran, Stuart brings unique perspectives gained from his global hospitality experience, operational expertise and development mentality. Using real-world examples, Stuart’s enthusiasm and positive approach to life sheds light on how proactive management relationships are irreplaceable in today’s modern hotel industry and how they positively impact our industry.

Stuart learned the value of dedication at an early age growing up in South East England, as part of an entertainment and hospitality family. Stuart’s dedication, hard work, and determination to succeed in the hotel world inspired him to earn recognition amongst his peers which lead to an accomplished career as a hotel manager, then developer and finally asset manager.

Stuart knows that excellence is a journey, not simply a destination. This perspective inspired him to teach, develop, inspire, and mentor hundreds of future hotel leaders, within hotels and corporate organizations. He brings this dedication to his work within his business partnerships as they strive to collaborate, empower their teams and achieve greater success.”