Arabian Hospitality
Investment Conference

Part of FHS

25-27 September | Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island

Speaker profile

Nicki Page

Founder & ED

Nicki Page, born in Wales, with her formative career spent in London and Cardiff arrived in the Middle East in 1989 with a marketing and public relations background from her previous employment in Saatchi and Saatchi, plus Marriott Hotels and Resorts. With her distinct and thoroughly Celtic approach she was able to engage and establish influential networks with the leads and foremost decision makers across Arab, South & South East Asian and African nations - being a key strategic negotiator in establishing the success of world leading tourism and luxury destinations including: Jordan, Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya Maldives and the UAE. She has significant awareness of how to promote luxury health and Wellness resorts worldwide, and deep insight into the role women have, in influencing health, wellness, and travel decisions, for themselves, families and nation. As an established presence and trusted business presence in the Middle East she has established a network and client list of Ruling families, CEO’s and companies “to die for”..

“The Art & Science of understanding Wellness, and its marketing, is a position, that we believe is critically important to tourism, as we transform ourselves and the industry to adjust to new paradigms, that demand we take account of health & Wellness expectancies, and Sustainability requirements, for People Planet and Place” Nicki Page, TLC Health Travel 2020