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25-27 September | Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island

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Food Sheikh


FoodSheikh was launched in 2015 as an impartial restaurant review website for Dubai’s growing F&B landscape built on trust and credibility from years of experience in the industry and a sense of fun. FoodSheikh’s aim is to grow from just producing reviews to creating fun, engaging and original content for the larger F&B market in Dubai.

As FoodSheikh’s popularity continues to increase, we want to focus on storytelling across platforms. Telling brand stories the FoodSheikh way, and the only way we know how: honestly and openly while ensuring we entertain and inform. Think journalism and reportage, over curated Instagram feeds and agency-created content. There is an opportunity that allows restaurant related content to shine through the noise and an opportunity to bring some passion, creativity, and inspiration back into food content. That’s the FoodSheikh manifesto.

FoodSheikh is on a mission to be the leader in credible and entertaining digital media content for the Dubai restaurant market.

This is just the beginning.