Arabian Hospitality
Investment Conference

Part of FHS

25-27 September | Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island


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10:45 – 11:30


An open conversation on methodology and solutions to catalyse the movement for change within global hospitality

The session will discuss start-ups and how to make them omnipresent and drive change within the industry. We share and discuss how larger organisations can also benefit from this movement to recalibrate the industry and finally how to imbue values and a conscience at a granular level into every decision that is made.

Keen David sm

David Keen
Co-Founder, KUBE Ventures

Keen Paul cropped

Paul Keen
Brand Architect, KUBE Ventures

Michael Levie new

Michael Levie
Co-Founder, KUBE Ventures & CitizenM

Levie Simon cropped

Simon Levie
Brand Architect, KUBE Ventures

Roelings Henri photo

Henri Roelings
Founder & CEO, Hospitality Net