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SHC Finalist: Cergy Paris Université's Investor Deck

School Name: Université de Cergy-Pontoise Paris Seine, School of International Hospitality Management
: Community
: Too Good Too Miss


Executive Summary


The world population is about to reach 9.7 billion, and with 4 billion tourists expected to be travelling around the world by 2050, mass tourism is to be expected. Mass tourism is already a current issue, impacting climate change and causing deterioration of our environment. Fortunately, the fight against climate change and environmental protection is becoming the number one priority in the Western World. As Buckminster Fuller, said: "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."


Too Good To Miss aims at becoming the leader of the Online Travel Agency community, offering customers the opportunity to make eco-responsible travelling choices. We are a data-driven company that falls within alternative tourism. Thanks to anonymized travel data, we will be able to forecast travel flows throughout the world. The platform will allow travellers:

  • To have a look at a map updated every minute on the world’s travel situation.
  • To be aware of peak seasons to avoid, and find the most appropriate time to travel regarding their preferences and habits.
  • To choose a destination promoted according to its ability to remain sustainable.
  • To get in contact with eco-friendly tourism actors (accommodation, transportation and activities), that take the CSR policy and the Sustainable Development Goals to heart.


According to, 55% of travellers across the world are now more determined to make sustainable travel choices than they were previously and 70% of global travellers would be more likely to book their accommodation if they knew it was eco-friendly. This comforts us in our idea to set out a fully eco-friendly online travel agency.

We have decided to first target youngsters, However, we must not forget that we want travellers from all over the world to use Too Good To Miss, as overtourism impacts our entire planet. It is an issue that we are all facing and we all need to take action for a better future. Customers will be oriented to less crowded destinations in which prices will ultimately be lower than they are in peak seasons, which will in turn be appealing to the customers.


We are Hanh, Yahya and Ines, 3 students enrolled in a Master degree in International Hospitality and F&B Management. Hanh is a part of Generation Y and Yahya and Ines from Generation Z. We are digital natives, the three of us having grown up within the culture of immediacy and are constantly navigating both the real and virtual world. Our generation is the one that has to raise awareness, explain and support sustainable development. Too Good To Miss is our answer to an issue that cannot be solved in the short-term. A long-term process is required to make our world a better place for the next generations.

It is easy to state what causes overtourism. It is caused by a wide offer and price range of tourist accommodation, home share concepts like Airbnb, the expansion of low-cost airlines, cruise ships and social networks, and mostly, lack of awareness or bad manners. We are not arguing that tourism is bad and has to be banned, but we are convinced that improving people’s travelling habits can only have positive effects.


Too Good To Miss is a redefined OTA, focused on reducing overtourism and its fallout. By 2050, we expect travellers from all over the world to use our platform. We want them to exercise responsible tourism that will not be destroying the future generations' heritage, to travel with full consciousness of their carbon footprint, and first and foremost to share their experiences, tips and tricks with fellow citizens of the world.


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