Saudi Arabia Hospitality Investment Conference

14-16 April 2020 | Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, U.A.E

Speaker profile

James Asquith
Holiday Swap

James Asquith is the Official Guinness World Record setter and holder for being the youngest male to visit all 196 sovereign nations in the world.

Having taken over 1,600 commercial flights over a 10 year period, James had a successful 9 years working in Investment Banking in London at HSBC, becoming Vice-President at Deutsche Bank and then Head of Corporate Bond trading at Sumitomo Mitsubishi (SMBC).

James is now the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Holiday Swap, the largest Home Swapping platform in the world, in 185 countries with nearly 1 million users. Having used his extensive experience in investment banking, James has built and funded one of the most disruptive companies in travel.

James has also featured as a keynote speaker at The New York Travel Show, and has recently become an ambassador for the Mars Space Mission. James is also working alongside UNICEF to raise money and awareness for the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen, and recently visited Yemen to highlight the devastating situation to young people.

With nearly 2 million followers across social media, James is a well known presence globally, and in 2015 James also became a best selling travel author with his biography about his record-breaking travels to every country in the world.