Arabian Hotel Investment Conference

21-22 September 2020 | Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, U.A.E

Speaker profile

Tomy Varghese

Times World

Proud to be from amongst the early generations of computer engineers, Tomy spans over 27 years of professional experience in the fields of Data Research, Business Development, Communications, Technology and training. Even during the 80s, he worked on Speech processing and Inter language translators. Tomy is an avid follower of Cognitive technologies and its induction into real world scenarios.  He has been qualified in Mass communication and Psychology in addition to his computer engineering graduate-ship.

Tomy is the founder director of Times World, which, in 13 years, is now one of the leading data management, research and digital transformation companies in the region. With multiple development and support centers, the company serves their regional and global names – both private and government. Times team handles a bundle of solutions to the hospitality industry with solutions ranging from Data Management, Application conceptualization, development to AI induction.  Times World is long-standing partner for Marriott International and serves a wide portfolio of digital services to hundreds of their hotels.