Arabian Hotel Investment Conference

14-16 April 2020 | Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, U.A.E

Speaker profile

Nirmal Sethia

Newby Teas

Nirmal Kumar Sethia represents the third generation of an inspiring family of entrepreneurs. In 1920, the Sethia family established themselves as jute traders under the name of K.C. Sethia and Co, eventually controlling 50% of the world’s jute trade. The London Jute Association granted the family membership in 1936 as they became prominent suppliers of jute to Dundee. In 1959 at the age of 14, Mr Sethia joined Messrs. Ewart McCoy as an apprentice tea taster. Mr Sethia then went on to establish Sethia London Limited in 1966, trading in jute and jute goods. The company is now a part of N. Sethia Group Limited.

Today the N. Sethia Group, chaired by Mr Sethia, is involved with many trades, industries and sectors, such as security printing and banknote ink production, sugar refining, power generation, tea plantations, a unique tea packing facility and property investment.

In 2000 Mr Sethia founded Newby Teas (U.K) Ltd. which is now the world’s most highly-awarded luxury tea company with a presence in more than 12 countries worldwide. A substantial part of Newby Teas (U.K.) Ltd. belongs to the N. Sethia Foundation to ensure quality and transparency.

In 2011, Mr Sethia embarked upon creating a private collection of rare tea antiquities, the Chitra Collection, named after his late wife. The collection now is recognised as the world’s largest relating to tea history and has toured many major museums

and art fairs around the world. The Collection contains over 1700 objects dating back as early as 10th century BC. One of the collection’s great treasures is a contemporary teapot; named the “Egoist” and designed by Mr.Sethia, it was recorded by Guinness

World Records in 2016 as “the world’s most valuable teapot”. Mr Sethia has donated the entire collection to N. Sethia Foundation and it is now cared for by a team of expert curators.