Arabian Hotel Investment Conference

April 2020 | United Arab Emirates

Speaker profile

Michael Bisordi

Owner - Tungsten Partners; Partner - Ace Group International

Michael Bisordi founded Tungsten Partners 13 years as a private holdings company based in New York and which now has ownership in roughly 30 companies ranging from consumer products, fashion, art, real estate and hospitality, including The Ace Hotel brand/operating company.

Prior to this and after graduation from Cornell University, Arts & Sciences, Michael spent roughly six years split between The Global Real Estate Finance Group at Lehman Brothers and following that, on the Global Acquisitions team at Starwood Capital Group, with a focus on Europe.  

Tungsten Partners is the longest standing owner in the Ace Hotels. For roughly 10 years, Tungsten Partners was charged with selecting cities and properties for respective locations of Ace Hotels globally as well as many of the brand's well known creative partnerships, until the death of Ace's founder and majority owner Alex Calderwood after which Tungsten has moved on to pursue other projects but remains an owner in the company. 

Tungsten currently owns equity stakes in multiple different hospitality brands and hotel properties including, but also separate from Ace. Tungsten is currently increasing its activity in global "place-making" and cultural engineering, bringing to bear its decade of experience with Ace and Tungsten's various active partnerships in other creative brands. Tungsten's role of hotel "producer", which can exist independent of any brand, is based on creating an impactful, localized, customized narrative for select properties globally, under a new strategy Tungsten describes as "meta-branding."