Arabian Hotel Investment Conference

14-16 April 2020 | Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, U.A.E

Speaker profile

Maria de la Fuente Corrales

Travel Industry Analyst

Maria de la Fuente is an Senior Travel Industry Analyst in Google Dubai, where she works with travel clients in the region to help them to grow their business in the digital ecosystem.

She holds a Master degree in Telecommunications Engineering. She worked as a software engineer in Airbus, Germany before joining the Spanish Google office as a travel Analytical Lead five years ago. She has performed other initiatives inside the company such as Talks at Google in Spain and Middle East; where she interviewed relevant personalities of the spanish and middle eastern society; and helped to define the strategy of Google in emerging markets.

Role Specific

*Develop predictive models and run them into production to improve digital performance *Help clients define their business analytics capabilities to predict market changes *Gather and use data from different internal and external sources and turn it into insights that help clients realize their opportunities. *Develop both industry-specific and general market analysis to deliver insights regarding market and competitive trends, auction dynamics, and other data-driven analysis *Deliver insights and strategies to develop forward thinking sales recommendations that align with client business objectives and provide analysis and research to our largest and most advanced advertisers in Travel

*Portfolio management: Revenue forecasting, client prospecting