Arabian Hotel Investment Conference

14-16 April 2020 | Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, U.A.E

Speaker profile

John Flood

President & CEO
Archipelago International

John Flood is Archipelago International's President & CEO and has spent 10 years at the forefront of the company, strengthening Archipelago's ever-expanding portfolio and the rapid growth of its ten core brands. The company is now the largest hotel management company in Indonesia and after securing some of the most sought-after locations in the country, now has more than 200 hotels, resorts and villas operating or in various stages of development throughout the archipelago and into Malaysia, Cuba, The Middle East, India and the Philippines.

Prior to Archipelago International, John worked for over 20 years in the hotel and restaurant business. After receiving his MBA from the University of Leicester, England, he went on to work in some of Europe's most thriving cities, including London, Paris, Copenhagen and his hometown, Dublin; but his drive to expand his business repertoire brought him to Indonesia almost 20 years ago.
Now at the helm of Archipelago International, John, along with company founder and Chairman Charles Brookfield has been responsible for the incredible development of the company over recent years through developing and constructing their own hotels as well as through management, franchising, ‘manchising’ and licensing agreements.